Football Game - September 24, 2004

Homecoming - Played Centerville - Won 21 to 0

The following attending the football game on the 24th. There were a lot of comments like:  Oh you know who that is!  Don't tell me, I know. Why, you haven't changed at all. ( Didn't hear the last one much).  There was a lot of talking and laughing and not much football watching.

The following either sat in the reserved area or came by to visit.  They are listed in no particular order.

Barbara Hinson, Dorothy "Clayton" Warf, Loradia "Barber" Walker, Danny Spears, Gary DePriest, Michael Grimes, George "Petey" Bragg, Robert "Butch" Brewer, Delores "Duncan" Rochelle, Kay "Grover" Holt, Bill Webb, J.W. Churchwell, David Riley, Larry Walker, Jane Ann "Adcox" Cherry, Jerry Sharp, Phyllis "Owens" Sharp