E-Mail Addresses for LCHS 1964 Students:

Links have been removed from the following list.  You may either type or copy and paste the e-mail address into your e-mail program.

Gayle "Harris" Vineyard - nursesunshine1@yahoo.com

Sharon "Harris" Cole - secole@cpws.net

Jane Ann "Adcox" Cherry - cherryt@realtracs.com

Dorothy "Clayton" Warf - dwarf@mlec.net

Larry Walker - larryw45@hifo.net

David Riley - driley@mlec.net

Billy Brooks - billyb@cpws.net

Jerry Sharp - csharp@hifo.net

Nancy "Meislohn" Johnson - njohnson@aeneas.net

Barbara Hinson - barbarahinson@hotmail.com

Janet "Jackson" Williams - rjwil@edge.net

David Larry Cook - david.cook@state.tn.us

Donna "Cameron" Kline -  tddybear963@yahoo.com

Jon Black - jon.black@pfizer.com

Janet "Jackson" Williams - rjwil@edge.net

Bill Lawson - billlawson@bellsouth.net

Danny Spears - dan@lchs1964.com

Micky Fite - mfite@bellsouth.net

Gary Depriest - gdepriest@united.net

Jerry Lee Whitehead - jerry.whitehead@myswdata.com

Loradia "Barber" Walker - ben051700@aol.com

If you have any addresses or find address that do not work,  please e-mail it me: dan@lchs1964.com

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